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Project overview

Uninterruptible power supply system

Client needs assessment

After reviewing the quotation or the customer's request, our team will assess the different systems that could meet the customer's requirements in terms of technical and regulatory references and other specific needs.

Design / Engineering

​​​​​​​​​​Once the right system has been selected, our team of electrical and mechanical engineers will design a custom solution. They will determine the equipment required to complete the project and to achieve the desired level of power, and how to arrange the system to meet any space and ventilation constraints.


After approval of the engineering drawings, the manufacturing phase is initiated and monitored by the engineers. Manufacturing controls are carried out throughout the assembly process to ensure equipment and system compliance.


Once the assembly is finalized, the systems are tested on our test bench that can provide up to 1200A. This allows the system to be put into future operating conditions and guarantees that the desired power and efficiency have been achieved.

Installation / Commissioning

The system is shipped to the customer and is commissioned by our team of qualified technicians. Operational tests are carried out again in-situ in order to ensure the systems are functioning properly. Training is given to the operating personnel to be able to handle the system and respond to alarms.

Project Delivery


Following the analysis of your needs as well as the project parameters and constraints, solutions are proposed and implemented by our design teams. Adjustments can be made according to problems that may arise during the project. Our solutions are custom-made and are not a reproduction or adaptation of existing projects.

Our test workshop allows us to test an entire custom-made system and demonstrate all of its attributes. A report and training are delivered at the end of all our tests, either in the workshop or on-site. 

During the implementation of the system, different checks are made, such as:

  • Compliance with the building code
  • Safety
  • Calibration
  • Suitability according to the mechanical and electrical specifications of the project

We produce full manuals with project drawings, a commissioning test report and the relevant documentation of system components. In addition, the commissioning of the system is carried out step-by-step to ensure it is fully completed and well-functioning.

Our customized electrical systems integrate into your electrical infrastructure. Preventive maintenance follow-ups carried out by our qualified technicians allow our customers to increase the reliability of their operations while eliminating the risk of shutdowns caused by electrical disturbances. The result: a better customer experience and your peace of mind.

Follow-up and after-sales service

SSI's reputation has been built on client satisfaction over our three decades of operation. Our excellent customer service is one of the results of this reputation. Our qualified technicians are committed to the reliability our solutions bring to your business, and they take the necessary precautions to perform their work without impacting your operations. Our technicians have completed the "Arc Flash" awareness training and wear certified personal protective clothing for live work.

During commissioning, all components are checked to ensure that your system is perfectly calibrated and adjusted. This allows us to close the loop with the installation of all the elements and to start-up system elements and confirm phase rotation at all inputs, battery charge configuration, safety interlocks for the maintenance bypass, etc.

Tests are done under load with residual stress and distortion analysis.

Tests under mock loads are performed to validate the operation of various parameters such as UPS, batteries, transformers, circuit breakers, etc., without overheating. These tests are done using an infrared camera and three-phase power meters to record the quality of the output, DC bus and input voltages.

SSI has a collection of devices and diagnostic equipment to measure and quantify your systems on a variety of parameters. Our measuring devices are calibrated according to our ISO 9001 quality manual. We have resistive load banks from 1.5kW up to 1000kW at 600VAC 3 phases.
After a new system has been installed, our customers receive training so that they can operate it properly and efficiently.

Our team of technicians ensures that the equipment is effectively maintained and therefore continues to function correctly. Emergency assistance is available at all times.

All our systems are guaranteed for both parts and labour, and SSI offers after-sales service on Mitsubishi, Sanyo Denki, Cyberex, Gamatronic and Upware products.

Rental of UPS systems

SSI offers short-term and long-term rental solutions for UPS systems to support customers with their ad hoc power needs.

These rentals can also come with a maintenance service to ensure the longevity of the equipment.


SSI offers training for systems operation technicians.

This training covers:

  • System characteristics
  • Its role in supporting the load
  • Modes of operation
  • Alarms present
  • Maintenance and routing procedures

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